5 Essential Elements of a Sales Page for Authors

Sales Page


Have you ever released a book but did not get the great response you were hoping for?

I know I have, and it sucks. It doesn’t feel good and your head starts reeling with all the possible reasons why nobody is buying.

Before you jump to conclusions to take a second look at your sales page design

Do you have the 5 essential elements of a landing page?

Before you start selling, make sure your sales page is set up with all the right elements.

#1 – Sales

Make it super simple for people to find out how to purchase,

Use a button and tell people where it goes.

Use language like:

  • Purchase the ebook on Amazon.
  • Click here to order the paperback.
  • Download the ebook now.

These phrases are a call-to-action (CTA) and encourage website visitors to do more than just look, it inspires them to take action!

#2 – List building

List building is still relevant and mandatory so you can have a connection with your readers. Include an invitation to your email list at the top of your landing page, that way if someone isn’t ready to purchase, they can go ahead and join your email list.

#3 – Gorgeous book covers

A book cover makes all the difference when it comes to selling books.

Is your cover a fit for your genre? Is it beautiful? Or does it look like something your niece made for their 4th grade project?

If your cover looks homemade, chances are, your readers will think your book is low-quality, whether it is or isn’t.

#4 – Social proof

Reviews from readers are a great way to encourage others to pick up your book and read it.

Comparisons between your book and other popular books are a powerful way to encourage cold readers to take a chance on your book(s).

Here’s an example from a review of one of my books: If you are looking for a classical fantasy that has an epic, old world feel of ‘The Lord if the Rings’ this is the book.

#5 – About the author

Social media makes it easy to connect authors with readers. Make sure you use that personal connection and share a bit about yourself.

If you’re personable and others can find a similar connection with you (for example: loves drinking coffee, vacations in Ireland, adores collecting old books, enjoys playing World of Warcraft.) It’s much easier to turn readers into fans for live.

Curious about how to create your irresistible author websites or landing page? Start here.


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Angela J. Ford is a fantasy author and web designer who creates custom website templates and landing pages for creatives. She loves coffee, red wine, and playing World of Warcraft.