We do the busy work, you do the writing

You love providing readers with a unique reading experience, but have no energy for packing and shipping orders. You no longer have to worry about that. You write, we deliver.

This is perfect for you if:

You have a shop or are ready to set one up

You don't live in the U.S. but want to sell books to U.S. customers

You're ready to sell direct to readers

You use Shopify or WordPress*

You want to focus on a pre-order campaign

You feel overwhelmed with fulfilling orders

*Please note: At this time we are not able to work with Etsy Shops.

How it Works

Send your books & book swag direct to us. Want them autographed? Send bookplates or email us your digital signature.

Set your price. We recommend pricing your books at least 50% more than it costs you to buy them.

Share with your audience. Tell your readers they can now buy signed books & get exclusive swag.

Sit back and let the orders flow in. We pack and ship your orders within 3 business days.



You’ve always wanted to sell your books direct to readers but you don’t have the time.


We have staff members standing by to ensure your book mail is packaged and shipped within 3 business days.


We charge 20% of sales. That’s it! No up front fees. Basic packaging is included or send us your branded packaging. 


Send us your inventory and we’ll store it for you. 100% free for 6 months. 


No more packing and shipping books. Get back to writing, publishing & marketing while your shop continues to grow.

We’ll build it for you.

No Shop. No problem.

If the idea of setting up shop is overwhelming, we’ll do the work for you or list your books in our marketplace.

elements of a sales page

Step One: Discover if you're a good fit

We’ll take a quick look at your shop to ensure we can help you achieve your selling goals.

Step Two: Setup

We’ll setup everything to ensure we get notificed when a new order comes in and automatic payments are setup so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Step Three: Send us your books

Send us your books direct to us. The more you can offer customers, the better. This can include book plates, art prints or anything that can be sent media mail.

Step Four: We ship your books

Sit back and let the orders roll in. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can get back to writing.


Ready to take the next step?

Fulfillment FAQs

How do I send you my autographed books?

You can send us autographed books or, to keep costs down, just send us bookplates or your digital signature.

May I add book swag to each order?

Yes! You can include any kind of book swag and are responsible for sending it direct to us.

  • Bookmarks
  • Art Prints
  • Stickers
  • Magnets
Do you fulfill book boxes?

We do, as long as the box includes flat items that can be shipped via media mail. Examples include: a book, art print, bookmarks, character art, page overlays, stickers, bookmarks, enamel pins. 

How long should I use this service?

That’s up to you. You can use this service until your inventory runs out, for launch months, special sales or something else.

Please note: you are responsible for paying for shipping if you’d like any inventory returned to you.

Do you ship internationally?

If your shop ships internationally, we do too! It’s your shop, we’re just here to fulfill orders. 

How is this different/better than selling on Amazon?

We allow you provide a unique reading experience to your readers with exclusive swag they can’t get anywhere else. This allows you to give readers a more customized experienced at a reducded comission cost. 

angela j. ford

Hi, I’m Angela

An international bestselling author who makes six figures selling books directly to readers. My husband and I are a marketing operations duo and provide marketing consults, websites and fulfillment services for authors.