Social Media Creatives for Authors

Elevate your social media package with fresh photos and videos of your book(s) every month!

All you have to do is post.

What you can expect:
– High-quality photos/videos. The photos will be unedited, giving you the freedom to edit and filter them to your liking.
– Videos ready for Reels or TikToks. The videos will have no sound, so you can add your own music and text. You can also adjust the speed as necessary.
– New theme every month. We’ll refresh the props each month, ensuring that your content stands out.

Sign up for a package

Packages start at $35 a month. You can start and start your subscription at anytime.


Send us your book(s)

If we don’t already have them, send us your book(s) and any swag you’d like included in the photos.


Let us know how many photos and videos you'd like.

For example, if you choose the package with 5 videos OR photos, let us know if you’d like 3 photos and 2 videos etc.

*Subscriptions renew monthly. You’ll receive the updated batch of photos within 7 days of your renewal. You are free to start or stop your subscription at anytime. 

Photo Examples