TikTok & Instagram Reels for Authors: Sell more books without showing your face

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Does the idea of marketing on TikTok give your cold sweats? Or getting in front of the camera, dancing and lip syncing, making you run for the safety of your comfort zone? I hear you.

For a long time whenever anyone said video content, I’d run away, adamant I was NOT doing that and that’s NOT how I market my books.

As an indie author who does all the things, I have to find a system that works for me. Spending 2 hours creating video content in the hopes that it will go viral is not a productive use of my time every single day. I tried a few different things, ignoring video content, making tiny animated videos, and then, one day, lightning struck.

Not literally.

But I was working on a graphic in Canva and realized how simple it is to add a background video, moving text and viola! It’s a Reel.

I uploaded it to Instagram, sat back and watched 5,000 views. Best. Reel. Ever.

I didn’t have to:

  • Put on makeup (okay, I never wear makeup)
  • Dance (I do like dancing, just not for the camera)
  • Point to floating words (it’s a bit like a magic isn’t it)
  • Lip sync (no one wants to hear me sing anyway)
  • Make a pretty flat lay for my books (I actually enjoy doing this)

What I actually did was:

  1. Uploaded my book art work to Canva
  2. Picked a juicy quote
  3. Downloaded the video
  4. Uploaded to Instagram
  5. Added music
  6. Added a caption
  7. Hit publish

Simple and easy, as long as I didn’t overthink about adding music.

All this to say, you don’t have to hop on a trend to be successful. You can sell your books your way by putting them in front of a new audience on Tiktok or Instagram, your preference.

If you’re ready to get started, grab my template and upload your first Reel, or TikTok today.


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Angela J. Ford is a fantasy author and web designer who creates custom website templates and landing pages for creatives. She loves coffee, red wine, and playing World of Warcraft.