Unconventional marketing tactics

For authors who sell direct

Can you relate?

You wrote your book, have a jaw-dropping cover, an amazing editor and a story that will keep readers but all night.

BUT. . .

You have trouble getting visibility.

Advertising is a money pit.

Social media makes your head spin.

Sales are never steady.

I hear you because I’ve been there too. It’s time to change all that.

angela j. ford

Hey, I’m Angela.

I’m a bestselling fantasy author who has written and published over thirty books.

I used to be on the hamster wheel doing what every other author was doing: writing fast, rapid releasing, spending thousands on advertisting and focusing on selling ebooks on Amazon.

I had a lot of success and made six-figures only to realize I wasn’t happy.

The money was there but something was missing.

I decided to throw out everything I’d learned about selling books and apply methods product-based businesses use to sell direct.

Guess what? It worked!

I’m much happier, have a better relationship with readers and actually enjoy writing, marketing, and selling books.

Most of all, I love helping people like you achieve their dreams.

I created this marketing hub becuase I get so many questions about marketing and wanted a one-stop resource to help authors like you enjoy selling books.